20/10/2020, Publication accepted: “Materializing Temporalities: A Deep History of Ritual Practices”

The publication of Berkeley’s meeting was just accepted by University of Colorado Press after peer to peer review :

“Materializing Temporalities: A Deep History of Ritual Practices”

edited by Rosemary A. Joyce and Lisa M. Johnson

Chapter 1: Introducing Materialities and Temporalities of Ritual Practice

Rosemary A. Joyce and Lisa M. Johnson

PART ONE: Events and Temporalities

Chapter 2: From One Moment to the Next: Multiple Temporalities in Classic Maya Ritualized «Events»

Lisa M. Johnson

Chapter 3: Over Time: From Compostura in the Present to Lenca Rituals of the Prehispanic Period

Rosemary A. Joyce and Russell N. Sheptak

Chapter 4: Voice Matters: The Vocal Creation and Manipulation of Ritual Temporalities

Valentina Vapnarsky

PART TWO: Ritualizing the Built Environment

Chapter 5: House, Floor and Soil: Fixing Residence

M. Charlotte Arnauld

Chapter 6: The Role of Altars in Maya Public Rituals of the Classic Period: Analysis and Contexts of the Associated Deposits

Philippe Nondédéo, Johann Begel, Julien Hiquet, Julie Patrois, Isaac Barrientos and Marisa Vazquez

Chapter 7: Materiality and Agentivity of House Building Rituals: An Ethno-Archaeological Approach

Johann Begel, Marie Chosson, and Cédric Becquey

Chapter 8: Heaps of Prayers: Temporal Dimension and Ritual Effectiveness of the Materiality of Catholic Prayers Within Nahua Ritual Discourse

Alessandro Lupo

PART THREE: The Materiality of Sound

Chapter 9: Sound Cues: Investigating the Materialization of Sound in Performance

Katrina Kosyk

Chapter 10: Sensing Time Through Materiality: Two Prehispanic Sound Related Artifacts On Exhibit At The Museo Delle Civiltà, Rome

Valeria Bellomia

Chapter 11: The Importance of the Tunk’ul in the Ritual and Ceremonial Song of the Carnival of Pomuch, Campeche: An Interdisciplinary Study

Francisca Zalaquett Rock, Olivier le Guen, Giovani Balam Caamal, and Juan Carrillo González

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