June 2022, publication of: “Materializing Ritual Practices”

Materializing Ritual Practices

edited by Lisa M. Johnson & Rosemary A. Joyce

Publication: June 2022

“This book pushes studies of materiality, ritual, and temporality in new and productive directions.”
—B. Jacob Skousen, Illinois State Archaeological Survey

Materializing Ritual Practices explores the deep history of ritual practice in Mexico and Central America and the ways interdisciplinary research can be coordinated to illuminate how rituals create, destroy, and transform social relations.

Ritual action produces sequences of creation, destruction, and transformation, which involve a variety of materials that are active and agential. The materialities of ritual may persist at temporal scales long beyond the lives of humans or be as ephemeral as spoken words, music, and scents. In this book, archaeologists and ethnographers, including specialists in narrative, music, and ritual practice, explore the rhythms and materiality of rituals that accompany everyday actions, like house construction, healing practices, and religious festivals, and that paced commemoration of rulers, ancestor veneration, and relations with spiritual beings in the past.

Connecting the kinds of observed material discursive practices that ethnographers witness to the sedimented practices from which archaeologists infer similar practices in the past, Materializing Ritual Practices addresses how specific materialities encourage repetition in ritual actions and, in other circumstances, resist changes to ritual sequences. The volume will be of interest to cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, and linguists with interests in Central America, ritual, materiality, and time.

Contributors: M. Charlotte Arnauld, Giovani Balam Caamal, Isaac Barrientos, Cedric Becquey, Johann Begel, Valeria Bellomia, Juan Carillo Gonzalez, Maire Chosson, Julien Hiquet, Katrina Kosyk, Olivier Le Guen, Maria Luisa Vasquez de Agredos Pascual, Alessandro Lupo, Philippe Nondedeo, Julie Patrois, Russel Sheptak, Valentina Vapnarsky, Francisca Zalaquett Rock.

1. Introducing Materialities and Temporalities of Ritual Practice Rosemary A. Joyce and Lisa M. Johnson

Part One: Events and Temporalities
2. From One Moment to the Next: Multiple Temporalities in Classic Maya Ritualized “Events” Lisa M. Johnson
3. Over Time: From Compostura in the Present to Lenca Rituals of the Prehispanic Period Rosemary A. Joyce and Russell N. Sheptak
4. Voice Matters: Vocal Creation and Manipulation of Ritual Temporalities Valentina Vapnarsky

Part Two: Ritualizing Place
5. House, Floor, and Soil: Fixing Residence M. Charlotte Arnauld
6. The Role of Altars in Maya Public Rituals of the Classic Period: Analysis and Contexts of the Associated Deposits Philippe Nondédéo, Johann Begel, Julien Hiquet, Julie Patrois, Isaac Barrientos, and M. Luisa Vázquez de Ágredos Pascual
7. Materiality and Agentivity of House Building Rituals: An Ethno-Archaeological Approach Johann Begel, Marie Chosson, and Cédric Becquey
8. Heaps of Prayers: The Materiality of Catholic Prayers, Their Temporal Dimension and Ritual Effectiveness within Nahua Ritual Discourse Alessandro Lupo

Part Three: The Materiality of Sound
9. Communities of Engaged Performance: Investigating the Materiality of Sound in Precolumbian Greater Nicoya Katrina Casey Kosyk
10. Sensing Time through Materiality: Two Prehispanic Sound-Related Artifacts on Exhibit at the Museo Delle Civiltà, Rome Valeria Bellomia
11. The Importance of the Tunk’ul in the Ritual and Ceremonial Song of the Carnival of Pomuch, Campeche: An Interdisciplinary Study Francisca Zalaquett Rock, Olivier Le Guen, Juan Carillo González, and Giovani Balam Caama

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