20/10/2020, Publication in preparation: “Ritual temporalities in Mesoamerica: interdisplinary approaches”

The publication project of Paris meeting will be submitted soon to University of Texas Press:

“Ritual temporalities in Mesoamerica : interdisplinary approaches”

edited by Valentina Vapnarsky, Philippe Nondédéo and Dominique Michelet

Chapter 1: Ritual temporalities in Mesoamerica : an Introduction.

Valentina Vapnarsky & Philippe Nondédéo

PART ONE: Rituals and their temporal inscriptions.

Chapter 2: Ritual Chronicle of a death foretold or possible apotropaic rituals at the end of the Classic Maya period.

Dominique Michelet

Chapter 3: Foundation and Earth: temporalities and spatialities in Maya area.

Marie Chosson, Johann Begel & Cédric Becquey

Chapter 4: Fire rituals in Maya inscriptions.

Nikolai Grube

Chapter 5: Night and day in the Templo Mayor at Tenochtitlan: the different renderings of Huitzilopochtli’s creation myth.

Leonardo López Luján

PART TWO: Rituals and their sequences.

Chapter 6: The temporalities of indigenous funerals in New Spain (16th-18th century).

Nadine Béligrand

Chapter 7: Liturgical challenge to historical temporality: from catholic-Dominican prayer modes to the mipoch dios in San Mateo del Mar (Oaxaca, Mexico).

Flavia Cuturi

Chapter 8: Christianity, time and ritual in Mayan languages: a comparative perspective.

Sergio Romero

Chapter 9: To represent, to condense and to stretch: temporalities and gestures in the colonial catechisms of Mexico.

Bérénice Gaillemin

PART THREE: Rituals multitemporalities.

Chapter 10: The composition of temporalities within ritual discourses: Maya voices and the transformation of time.

Valentina Vapnarsky

Chapter 11: The interweaving of vital processes and technical processes in agricultural activities. Mythical and ritual temporalities

Perig Pitrou

Chapter 12: Temporal compression in ritual objects.

Danièle Dehouve

Chapter 13: Witz and tz’ultaq’a: the ritual uses of caves in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Chloé Andrieu, Efraín Tox & Divina Perla Barrera

Chapter 14: Male pregnancy and the renewal of the year: actors and temporalities in an instauration ritual in San Sebastian, Bachajon (Chiapas, Mexico).

Alain Breton, Marie Chosson & Aurore Monod Becquelin

PART FOUR: Rituals temporalities and their material and sensorial dimensions.

Chapter 15: The materialities of ritual practices: an archaeology of traces of events.

Rosemary A. Joyce

Chapter 16: Materiality and deposits at Naachtun: an essay on the function, temporality, and meaning of Classic Maya rituals.

Philippe Nondédéo, Julien Sion & Lydie Dussol

Chapter 17: Space, time and social order (tzol): a study on the sociocultural functions of the Maní and Calkiní land titles.

Tsubasa Okoshi

Chapter 18: Substances, actors, and senses: the temporality of perception during Nahua rituals.

Alessandro Lupo

PART FIVE: Rituals temporalities in the longue durée.

Chapter 19: Ritual traditions at Tak’alik Ab’aj.

Christa Schieber de Lavarreda

Chapter 20: Toward an archaeology of ritual practice in southern Central America.

Alexander Geurds

Chapter 21: The Maya political collapse in the years 750-810 CE or the end of the long dynastic times.

Marie-Charlotte Arnauld, Valentina Vapnarsky, Chloé Andrieu, Julien Hiquet, Jennifer Saumur, Juliette Taieb & Agnès Bergeret.

Chapter 22: Political heart under ritual skin: speech and gestures of Maya nobility in the colonial context.

Mario H. Ruz

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