Seminario 04/06/2021 – R. Joyce & J. Lopiparo: Rhythms of Production

El próximo seminario RITMO tendrálugar el viernes04 de junio 2021
(15h00 : Paris, Oxford, Roma, Bonn, Leiden ; 6h am : Berkeley, Los Angeles ; 8h am : Mexico, Austin ; 11h pm : Kyoto]
Rosemary A. Joyce, University of California, Berkeley
Jeanne Lopiparo, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN
Rhythms of Production:
Archaeological traces of the intergenerational transmission of “know-how” and the reproduction of culture.

Figurine and mold excavated in structured deposits at CR-103, Ulua Valley, Honduras.

Through archaeological investigations carried out in the Ulua river valley in Honduras we have documented evidence of craft working practices that we interpret as evidence of the formation of communities of practice. Learning crafting in communities of practice consists of the creation of routines, everyday rhythms. These have a role in both the reproduction of the relevant "know-how" for the craft, as well as in the reproduction of culture, which we view as assemblages of humans and nonhumans. In this talk we demonstrate the interconnections of ritual rhythms and everyday rhythms in the ancestral zone of the Lenca of northern Honduras as an example of the capacity to trace such intergenerational relations through archaeological evidence.

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